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    Babarolo specializes in authentic and high-quality Italian wines from Piedmont. All the wines we offer are sourced directly from small and medium-sized wineries with whom we have often been working for many years.
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    High-quality wines from Piedmont

    Almost all wines are made from native grape varieties, and our winemakers practice integrated or organic viticulture. The majority of the wines come from the three most important wine-growing areas of the Piedmont region: the Langhe, the Monferrato and the Roero.
    The famous Barolo and Barbaresco red wines come from the Langhe, but the Barbera and Dolcetto red wines cultivated in all wine-growing regions are also very important. Among the best white wines are Gavi from Monferrato, Roero Arneis from Roero, Anas-Cetta from Langhe and Timorasso from the hills around Cortona.
    Piedmont is one of the best wine-growing regions in Italy and in the entire world. Last but not least, this is underpinned by UNESCO.
    Because in 2014 the Langhe, the Monferrato and the Roero were declared UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Piedmont also has the largest number of autochthonous grape varieties in Italy and also the most wines with the designation of origin DOC and DOCG.
    Some of these autochthonous grape varieties such as Grignolino, Anas-Cetta or Timorasso were threatened with extinction over time. However, thanks to the initiative of some farsighted winegrowers, these ancient grape varieties have survived and gained new popularity.