The Babarolo story

In 2002 we decided to leave our "normal" life and follow our dream.

We restored an old farmhouse in Piedmont and opened a B&B in the middle of the vineyards. It was labor of love. We breathed life back into a 400 year old house and filled it with love and style.

For more than a decade we have welcomed guests from more than 21 countries to Piedmont. We introduced them to the beautiful region, the culture, the wines and the food. We guided our guests through the scenic countryside and took them to wine tastings. You had the opportunity to be introduced to the beautiful world of Piedmontese wines by winemakers who have dedicated their hearts and souls to wine culture and local tradition. Winemakers who run small businesses, often in the family for generations, and whose aim is to produce wines that come from native grapes and are characterized by the interaction of the terroir, the climate and the work of the winemaker.

Our love for wine, the region and the people has grown steadily over the years. This is how the idea and the concept for Babarolo developed. Giving the winegrowers a platform for their wonderful wines and drawing more attention to the Piedmont region is our goal and gives us great pleasure.


For more than three decades, Michael has worked for global companies in both North America and Europe. His task of successfully bringing concepts to new countries and establishing them has always fulfilled and challenged him to the full. But his first love has always been wine. Growing up in Rheinhessen, it was almost logical that Michael earned his first spurs in the wine industry. After many years, he has now returned to his roots via Piedmont.

Über Uns - Babarolo Weinhandel GmbH

At Babarolo, Michael selected and bought every single product. He maintains personal relationships with all our producers. In addition to purchasing, he is responsible for the Babarolo concept, marketing and logistics. He works tirelessly to deepen his knowledge of Piedmontese wine. In his free time, Michael rearranges the bottles in his wine cellar and walks his Belgian Shepherd, Rocky.


Diana came to Germany with Michael after her career as a Marketing/Design Executive in the USA. During her time in Europe she learned two foreign languages, completed her pottery training, designed and managed the B&B in Italy, realized exhibitions, wrote a novel and taught courses in art, pottery and cooking

At Babarolo, Diana is responsible for the website, design, marketing, blogs, videos, photography and the English version of the online shop. In her free time, Diana can be found smearing clay in her pottery studio or testing new recipes.