2016 Barolo Weine - ein ausgezeichneter Jahrgang

2016 Barolo Wines


    2016 - Vintage of the Century for Barolo

    In 2016, winemakers were expecting a great vintage before they even picked a single grape. It is rare, especially with our current climate situation, that the entire weather season is perfect for viticulture, but in the case of the Langhe, 2016 was just that - perfect.
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    Wine lovers and experts are collecting 2016 Barolo wines

    The weather was ideal throughout the growing season.

    There were no heat waves, frosts or terrible hailstorms in the 2016 season. The months of July and August had low humidity and temperatures that were above average but never hotter than 32° Celsius. Occasional rains helped protect the grapes from heat-related stress. September brought its traditional cooler evening temperatures with warm, beautiful days that further lengthened the growing season.

    No wonder real wine lovers and experts collect this vintage while there are still a few bottles available. Experts call the 2016 Barolo vintage one of the best vintages of the century. It has incredible aging power and will continue to develop wonderfully in the bottle.

    These wines are already showing their best side, but they also have incredible potential for aging.


    Overall, the Baroli also have a very high average quality in the entire growing area. Differences between individual communes and vineyards are a sign of the diverse terroir of the Langhe. Fine-grained tannins, a ripe acidity, but above all harmony, elegance and balance are expressed almost perfectly. Here's a selection of the 2016s we still have in our cellar. Collect them now while we still have them available! Quantities are limited!