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Barbaresco red wines


    The queen of Italian wines

    The Barbaresco is often referred to as the queen of Italian wines. This noble red wine has definitely earned this title. The wines made from the Nebbiolo grape are characterized by their great elegance and harmony.
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    Barbaresco wines from Piedmont

    The Barbaresco red wine was named after the municipality of Barbaresco, which lies in the heart of the growing area. The other municipalities that belong to the Barbaresco territory are Neive , Treiso and Alba (San Rocco Seno d'Elvio).

    The lush hilly landscape of Barbaresco begins when going from Asti towards the Langhe Barbaresco's flagship is its tower, visible from many points. The idyllic wine village of Barbaresco has many wonderful restaurants and a fantastic regional enoteca.

    The road that leads to Barbaresco also takes you to the other Barbaresco municipalities of Neive , Treiso and Alba. Along this route there are several wonderful Barbaresco Cru: Gallina, Albesani, Asili , Montestefano and Ronchi to name a few. The history of the region can be found in the family stories of the local wine-growing businesses. For generations, the Barbaresco families have worked quietly and consistently to build the international reputation of this wonderful wine.

    Both Barolo and Barbaresco are made from the Nebbiolo grape. The Barbaresco is softer and considered more feminine than its counterpart Barolo. It goes perfectly with a variety of meats such as veal, pork and poultry.