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    from a rustic everyday wine to a high-quality premium wine

    Barbera is one of the most popular wines of Piemonte. High quality Barbera wines are produced by some of the best Barolo and Barbaresco producers in the Langhe, while in the Monferrato there are many wineries specializing in Barbera production.
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    Barbera wine from Piedmont

    Barbera is grown throughout the Piedmont region. There are big differences between these wines, which makes the Barbera so interesting. In the Langhe, the Barbera is grown next to the Nebbiolo vineyards and is characterized by a fine structure with a good balance of minerals and acidity. In the flatter and hotter Monferrato region, particularly around the town of Nizza Monferrato, the Barbera grape reaches its full potential and develops into a well-rounded, full and robust wine that can sit on any table alongside twice the price and fame. This is where the beautiful properties of the Barbera come into their own.
    The area around Nizza Monferrato is particularly well known for high-quality Barbera, and the better producers now all produce a "Nizza", a protected designation for Barbera with strict cultivation and aging regulations.
    The Barbera is characterized by a pronounced acidity and lower tannins. Our Babarolo selection from Barbera has been carefully selected for well bound acidity, freshness and depth of flavour.
    At Babarolo we have a wide range of Barbera wines for the most demanding wine lover.