Recipes from Piedmont

Babarolo Weißweine mit Calamari geniessen!

Linguine con calamari - also in Piedmont!

Piedmont has a wonderful food culture. In the southern part of the region, the traditional dishes of Piedmont and Liguria mix. We had a wide variety of fish and seafood from Liguria daily. The owner of our fish shop in Acqui Terme traveled to the Ligurian coast every morning early in the morning, bringing back only freshly caught fish and seafood of the best quality. One of my favorite pasta dishes is linguine with tomatoes and calamari. I always recommend finding fresh, small calamari (if possible). The small calamari are much more tender and cook in seconds. Of course, excellent,...

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Vitello Tonnato mit Babarolo Dolcetto geniessen!

Vitello Tonnato from Piedmont!

Vitello Tonnato is a favorite in Piedmont. An unlikely couple: veal and tuna! But it's absolutely delicious. You will find Vitello Tonnato on every menu and in every restaurant in Piedmont. But it's also very easy to make at home. 2 carrots 1 leek 3 sticks of celery 1 liter of water 150ml white wine 700 g veal nut Laurel Leaves Pepper Seeds Sauce: 1 small can of tuna 2 eggs 2 tsp capers (remove brine or salt) 1-2 tbsp lemon juice 100ml olive oil salt/pepper Anchovies/lemon pieces Peel the carrots, cut the leek and celery into large pieces. Place...

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Frittata Piemontese mit Babarolo Weißweine geniessen!

Frittata Piemontese - an everyday delicacy

Frittata is a traditional egg-based dish cooked all over Italy. You could compare it to an omelet or a crustless quiche.

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Brasato al Barolo - Barolo Weine bei Babarolo jetzt online kaufen!

Brasato al Barolo - a classic dish from Piedmont

Brasato al Barolo is probably one of the most famous Piedmontese dishes. It is a typical Sunday dish or is often prepared for special occasions. If only because the preparation has to be done over 2 days and the cost of the ingredients is also more reasonable for a special event. This dish represents everything that the cuisine of the Langhe region has to offer. Piedmont is the northernmost province of Italy, and also the birthplace of the international Slow Food movement. Piedmont's red wines are among the best in Italy and in the world.  The Brasato al Barolo takes...

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