Piedmont Wine Lexicon

Babarolo Piemont Wein Lexikon - A

Babarolo Piedmont Wine Lexicon - A

Abberen Plucking the berries from the stalks before fermentation; happens automatically TappingThe goals pursued with the tapping are manifold. First, the wine is separated from its lees (the leftover yeast), its lees (deposit) and undissolved parts of fruit pulp and grape skins. Another effect is the release of carbonic acid, making the wine smoother and more accessible. In addition, the sulphurization and the treatment of the wine with other additives can now begin. Overall, the wine begins to stabilize after fermentation. Age of the vinesIn a wine study in the years 2002 - 2006, the wine quality of wines from...

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Hier ist das Babarolo Piemont-Weinlexikon für den Buchstaben B.

Babarolo Piedmont Wine Lexicon - B

BalsamBalsams are herbal secretions or viscous solutions of resin and essential oils from plants such as the balsam poplar, balsam fir and balsam herb. These tertiary substances are used in medicine and perfumery and have a resinous, slightly bitter and noble effect. In wines, these flavors are highly valued. They often arise in connection with barrique aging. The spectrum of balsamic aromas includes nuances of vanilla, sandalwood, myrrh, frankincense, pine resin, camphor, beeswax, oak, pine, eucalyptus, honey, fir, juniper berries and cedar. Barbaresco winesThe Barbaresco comes from the Langhe region in Piedmont, Italy. As the "wine of the queen", it...

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babarolo piemont wein Lexikon - D

Babarolo Piedmont Wine Lexicon - D

DOCGDOCG (Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita = controlled and guaranteed designation of origin) is the highest rating level for Italy's wines and is therefore over the quality level DOC. DOCG wines have to meet strict requirements in terms of grape varieties, growing area, yield, harvest and aging. For example, they may not be stored in tanks - not even temporarily.In 2009, the EU standardized the national and regional evaluation systems as part of its wine market regulation. In Italy, the DOC and DOCG wines fell into the EU level DOP. However, winegrowers are allowed to indicate the traditional quality...

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Babarolo Piedmont Wine Lexicon - E

Stainless steel tankA fermentation in a stainless steel tank is a reductive fermentation that requires less oxygen than fermentation in a wooden barrel (barrique). The stainless steel tank became widespread in the wine business from the 1960s. Its advantages are high standards in terms of hygiene, because a tank made of stainless steel is absolutely easy to clean and the high chromium content on the surface combines with the oxygen to form a protective layer that prevents rusting.In addition, a Stainless steel tank absolutely impermeable to air. Since it is also not possible without oxygen, the wine can be dosed...

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