Dolcetto Rotweine

Dolceto Red Wines


    tannin accentuated, fresh, lively, dry

    The Dolcetto wine is one of the favorite wines of the Piedmontese and is part of almost every meal in Piedmont. The Dolcetto is grown everywhere in Piedmont and this widespread use underlines the great appreciation and importance of this autochthonous and for centuries im Piedmont cultivated red wine variety.

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    Dolcetto wines from Piedmont

    However, the best Dolcetto wines come from certain growing areas due to the soil and weather conditions. These include the Dolcetto wines from the Alba, Dogliani, Diano D'Alba and Ovada growing areas.

    As far as the name Dolcetto is concerned, it is interesting that it is still not clear how the name of this red wine variety actually came about. Especially since the chosen name Dolcetto can also be very misleading. Because dolche means sweet in Italian, and Dolcetto wine is anything but a sweet wine. The most common explanation of why Dolcetto is called Dolcetto is that when the berries of the Dolcetto vine have reached their phenolic ripeness, these berries taste insanely sweet. The wine itself is pleasantly dry.

    Traditionally, the Dolcetto is drunk young and impresses with its freshness and fruity aroma. This wine is low in acid, but tannin-heavy and usually has a slightly bitter but very pleasant almond note in the aftertaste. Even if the locals continue to see the Dolcetto as the everyday country wine, the style of the Dolcetto wine has evolved thanks to the initiative of some winegrowers.

    For several years, Dolcetto grapes have also been used to produce very high-quality and long-lasting wines with complexity, full-bodiedness and balance.