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Albino Rocca


    Cohesion across generations

    As typical of so many Langhe wineries, the Rocca family has been cultivating Nebbiolo for a century. But it was only in 1955 that Albina Rocca founded the winery and together with his father Giacomo he started making wines , made from grapes from their own vineyards in Barbaresco. Until then, the family had sold the berries to the cooperatives and only kept a small part for their own use.

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    Family roots and top wines in Barbaresco

    But it wasn't until 1971 that the family released their first Barbaresco, called Albino Rocca. Meanwhile, Albino's son, Angelo, had joined the company when he was only 15.

    A trip to France with other producers from the Barolo and Barbaresco region in the 1980s was groundbreaking for young Angelo. He came back from the trip and was determined to improve the quality of his Barbaresco wines. Many of the measures that Angelo took to bring the Barbresco way permanently to a higher level of quality were too radical for many of the other winemakers in the Langhe. Angelo was a true pioneer and visionary in the management of his vineyards. Already in the early 1990s he introduced the
    Vineyards and started integrated viticulture.
    His three daughters, Daniela, Monica and Paola, and son-in-law Carlo, took over the management of the family business after the sudden death of their father in 2012 and over the years have gained international status.
    Today, Albino Rocca is one of the most renowned wineries in Barbaresco.