Josetta Saffirio / Sara Vezza Weine bei Babarolo kaufen

Josetta Saffirio / Sara Vezza - Strong women, great Piedmont wines

The journey to the Josette Saffirio / Sara Vezza winery from Monforte takes you along a serpentine path that makes you wonder if you're even on the right road. But when you arrive, you see that the winery is located in one of the most precious places of the Barolo wine region. The winery is located to the east across from Serralunga d'Alba, known for its clayey soils that produce deep, austere Baroli with incredible longevity. To the west is Castiglione Falletto, with its calcareous, sandy soil and its elegant Baroli. The winery itself is located on the edge of...

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Attilio Ghisolfi - der Barolo Winzer zwischen Monforte und Castiglione

Attilio Ghisolfi - the Barolo winemaker between Monforte and Castiglione

The Ghisolfi winery is located on the top of the Bussia vineyard. Right on the small road that connects the two wine communities of Castiglione Falletto and Monforte D'Alba. The location of the 3-century-old building is overwhelmingly beautiful. Surrounded by very steep, almost majestic vineyards and the view of the Alps in the background. The current owner, Gianmarco Ghisolfi, is the 4th generation to run the winery with the support of his father Attilio and his entire family. He does it with great passion and in the spirit of the tradition family and the region. The Ghisolfi's were among the first...

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Sie können Livia Fontana Barolo noch heute bei Babarolo kaufen!

Winery Livia Fontana - The Barolo winemaking family from Castiglione Falletto

The winery was founded in 1820 by Ettore Fontana and is now managed in the eighth generation by Livia Fontana, together with her sons Michele and Lorenzo. They still follow the same philosophy, the origins of which were laid by the forefathers: diligence, hard work combined with a lot of commitment and love for their own soil and nature are the basis for these excellent wines.  The winery is beautifully situated among the vineyards and belongs to the municipality of Castiglione Falletto, one of the eleven municipalities that have the right and privilege to produce Barolo wines. The area covers...

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Weingut Pecchenino Barolo kaufen bei Babarolo

Pecchenino wines

The Pecchenino winery is a stunningly beautiful estate that has been in the family since the late 18th century. Records show that the farm belonged to the grandfather of the current generation at the turn of the century and contained eight hectares of vineyards. Over time, the farm has been handed down from generation to generation. The current owners, Attilio and Orlando, have continuously developed the winery. Today it covers a total of 25 hectares, the majority of which are located in the municipality of Dogliani, while the smaller, but all the more significant, portion of their vineyards are located...

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