Renato Corino

Renato Corino


    A family winery with a great reputation

    The beautiful property is located in the heart of the Vigneto Arborina, one of the most prestigious locations in La Morra. Together with the Vigneto Rocche dell'Annunziata, another top location in La Morra, Renato owns vineyards that produce grapes of the highest quality and are almost a guarantee for Barolo wines of the extra class.

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    Gentle approach

    The Renato Corino winery was founded in 2005 after the two brothers Renato and Guiliano had previously been able to gather 20 years of experience together in their father's business under the management of father Giovanni. The brothers decided to go their separate ways and divided the winery between themselves.

    In addition to the vineyards in La Morra, additional Nebbiolo vineyards are located in Monticello and Vezza D'Alba, while Barbera vines have been planted in close proximity to the winery.

    Although the winery is not certified organic, it practices integrated viticulture and the use of synthetic products has been kept to an absolute minimum. Since the establishment of the company, Renato has practiced a gentle approach and great sensitivity when working in the vineyard.

    Wines with elegance and finesse

    The Renato Corino Barolo wines are characterized by their special elegance and finesse, but they are beautifully combined with density, concentration and a lot of power. Renato is definitely still an insider tip in the Barolo area. But he is already one of the top winegrowers who have been shaping the image and reputation of La Morra as a renowned Barolo growing region for years.