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    The making of this iconic winery 

    ”The Revello winery is one of those rather unknown treasures with attractive wine values”  Giuseppe Lauria from the wine magazine Weinwisser

    The Revello family winery is based in the small but now very renowned hamlet of Annunziata, which belongs to the Barolo municipality of La Morra and where very high-quality and prestigious Barolo wines are produced.

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    from humble beginnings to a renowned winery

    But this was a very different situation for the Revello family immediately after World War II with the move from Cherasco to Annunziata. The family had leased a farm there and replanted the surrounding vineyards. As was customary at the time, the grapes were sold and the family only made wine for their own use. However, one could not earn a living with wine production alone. That is why the family rented holiday apartments and it was not until 1967 that the first Barolo was vinified. 1967 was an exceptional Barolo vintage and this is how the first bottle of Barolo from the company “Giovanni Revello & Figli” was born.

    The Revello family - Babarolo Weinhandel GmbH

    Over time, the Revellos then leased and later bought several plots such as Gattera, Conca or Rocche dell' Annuziarta, all of which are now well-known individual locations.

    At the beginning of the 1990s, the brothers Enzo and Carlo took over the management of the family business and concentrated entirely on wine production and the development of the business. With great foresight they bought plots of individual vineyards such as Garetta, Conca, Rocche dell'Anunnziata and Giachini and today the family has five renowned Cru vineyards.

    In 2016, the brothers Enzo and Carlo passed the winery on to the next generation and today Enzo's children, Elena and Simone, run the Revello winery. With great positive energy and in the spirit of family tradition, they run the company and produce high-quality and sustainable Barolo single-vineyard wines year after year.

    Organic viticulture and sustainability are the top priority 

    “The philosophy underlying the production of our wines is based on the assumption that a great wine is born in the vineyard”.

    Vineyard Revello - Babarolo Weinhandel GmbH

    For this reason, Revello personally devotes great attention to its vineyards, with constant respect for nature , as a token of gratitude for what it gives us. For years the family has been practicing sustainable viticulture and only uses a few targeted treatments when necessary, mainly with sulfur and copper, and refrain from using herbicides and insecticides.

    In order to achieve a high quality of the grapes and thus of the wine, two different thinnings are carried out in the summer months, during which about 50-60% of the grapes remain on the vine. This allows for a higher concentration of sugars and polyphenols in the berry.

    The approach to winemaking aims to produce Barolo wines that are suitable for long aging in the bottle, but which can also be appreciated and understood at a young age. The winery deliberately refrains from clarifying or filtering their wines so that all nuances are preserved.