Mario Giribaldi

Mario Giribaldi


    Three generations - all with the same passion.

    The Giribaldi winery was founded at the beginning of the 20th century and has been producing artisan wines for three generations. Times were tough back then and farming was not only a source of income but also a real pride for those who loved their land even if it brought them so much suffering. It was normal for them to make sacrifices for the land they grew up on.
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    Love for something real and alive

    Thinking today of the traditions and love for something living like wine, the Giribaldi winery simply continues the work of their ancestors with the same passion and dedication. They are a family, not only because they represent the third generation of a winemaking family, but above all because they are 10 people who proudly work together every day and share the same passion for making sustainable wines.

    Why organic viticulture?

    Nowadays, "organic" may often seem like a market trend. For this winery, however, "organic" means something completely different. They started organic viticulture in 2001 and received their first organic certification in 2004. This makes Giribaldi one of the first organic wine producers in the Langhe and Alta Langa.

    For Giribaldi, organic viticulture is a way of life shared by the whole family. In search of authenticity, their goal from the beginning has been to produce artisanal and sustainable wines, seeing our wines as a reflection of themselves and the region in which we live, with respect for our flora and fauna. To survive, our ecosystem needs people to work, live and respect nature.