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Cascina Montagnola


    Commitment and love for nature

    In 1977 Donatella and her husband Bruno left their Milanese life behind and bought a run down property consisting of 6 hectares of farmland with a large orchard and 4 hectares of fruit trees. The property included Villa Margherita, an Art Nouveau villa from the early 1920s.
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    The organic winery in the Colli Tortonesi area

    According to Donatella, it was love at first sight, even though the villa was in a desolate state and had to be completely renovated. After the villa was completed, Donatella and Bruno focused all their energy and passion on it Getting companies on their feet that they could create according to their own ideas and values ​​and that has undergone constant further development over time.
    Innovation and tradition are the guiding principles of their work. “The company's varied offer reflects our vision, based on a successful integration of traditional and innovative aspects, always respecting the territory. What sets us apart, however, is the value we place on the time factor:
    "Our wines mature for a long time, even after bottling, so we have authentic historical series for some varieties. The philosophy is that the wine should be considered as an expression of the fruit and at the same time of the terroir."