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    Nature and Environment

    The Deltetto Winery, founded in the 1950s by Carlo Deltetto, is today one of the historic companies of the Roero production area. His grandson Carlo, who has since taken over the management of this family winery, now manages a valuable heritage of very important vineyards. About 20 hectares of vineyards in the Roero production area, where traditional grape varieties such as Barbera, Nebbiolo, but also white ones such as Roero Arneis and Favorita are cultivated and all of them are vinified in single vineyard layers.

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    The Top-Class Organic Family Winery in Roero

    In addition to the vineyards in the Roero cultivation area, the grandfather also acquired a plot of land on the Parussi vineyard in the Barolo municipality of Castiglione Falletto. For years now, the company has been producing an excellent Barolo Parussi single-vineyard wine, which is of great importance owns for the winery.
    Even the grandfather had developed a preference for spumante, which is typical for the Roero area. This passion has prompted him to produce sparkling wine himself. His grandson Carlo shares this passion and Carlo has pushed sparkling wine production. Today, the family is launching three very high-quality sparkling wines, all of which are made using the classic bottle fermentation process.
    After a few years of conversion, the winery run by Carlo Deltetto and his family has now obtained organic certification for all their wines and sparkling wines. The Deltettos - a true family business with deep roots in the region!