Andrea Oberto

Andrea Oberto

Andrea Oberto has been producing great Barolo wines from the best locations in La Morra for years.

The history of the Andrea Oberto estate began when Andrea's father bought a farmhouse in the municipality of La Morra. Today is La Morra, the largest and also one of the most important growing areas for Barolo wine. But in the early 1950s, none of the winemakers could make a living from growing grapes on their own. That is why the Oberto family earned their livelihood with agriculture and cattle breeding, and viticulture was more of a minor matter.

It was only when the demand for Barolo wine increased that Andrea decided to give up his secure job as a bus driver and concentrate entirely on wine growing.

Today the winery is one of the established Barolo producers in La Morra. The annual production is a good 125,000 bottles of wine, and the range includes Barolo, as well as various Barbera, Dolcetto and Nebbiolo wines. Fabio produces four different Barolo wines. Three of them are single-site wines, Albarella, Brunate and Rocche dell 'Annunziata, which are among the most important crus in La Morra.

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