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    Nature and environment

    The Pecchenino winery is located in the beautiful San Luigi Valley in Dogliani, a DOCG growing area for Dolcetto. This exceptional winery is known for its excellent Dolcetto and Barolo / Nebbiolo wines. Although the majority of Pecchenino vineyards are located in the heart of the Dogliani growing area and the production of Dolcetto wines forms the backbone of the winery, in the last decade Pecchenino has also made a name for itself as a Barolo producer. Because the family owns several parcels of vineyards in Monforte D'Alba, which also entitles them to produce Barolo wines. Pecchenino now produces three excellent Barolo single-vineyard wines: Guiseppe, Bussia and Le Coste.
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    The beautiful winery in Dogliani

    The winery practices integrated viticulture and does not use herbicides, fungicides or pesticides. The vineyards are worked with great respect for the environment and nature, only intervening in the development process of the vines when absolutely necessary. Instead of using chemicals in the vineyard, the Pecchenino brothers let grasses and selected herbs grow between the rows of vines and work compost and organic fertilizers into the soil.
    The Peccheninos also apply this philosophy to all the processes that are necessary in the wine cellar to produce wines of the highest quality. They do not use any additional chemical substances to produce their wines, they only use the minimum dosage of sulphur and only use their own vineyard yeasts for fermentation.