Andrea Oberto Weingut, La Morra, Piemont, Italien - Babarolo

Andrea Oberto


    Passion and Commitment

    In 1959 Andrea Oberto had to decide whether he wanted to continue his work as a farmer or whether, like many others at the time, he should exchange the hard life in the country for the supposedly easier life in the city. After careful consideration, the decision was made to stay in the municipality of La Morra and to purchase a farmhouse there.

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    a farmer becomes a star winemaker

    Since at that time he could not support his family from his own vineyards alone, it was necessary to add other activities to the work in the vineyards, such as growing peaches and raising cattle, which was then common in the Langhe was very common. Despite this, it was difficult to earn a living as a farmer and winemaker and this initially caused his son Andrea not to join the family business, leaving La Morra and instead concentrating on other occupations.

    It was the sudden death of his father that brought him back to his hometown: it was clear that the legacy of what his parents had created from scratch in the '50s was not only the work itself, but also the Decision to build a family, a passion, a territory. Then, in 1978, Andrea Oberto decided to take care of this legacy that was left to him and to make the wines of the Oberto Winery a symbol of the highest quality, appreciated all over the world.

    Today, the Andrea Oberto winery is one of the established wineries in La Morra. The family now owns fourteen hectares of vineyards with a focus on La Morra. But Andrea also has plots in Barolo, Cherasko and Alba. He produces four different Barolo wines, three of them with Albarella, Brunate and Rocche dell'Anunziata. Andrea practices integrated viticulture and produces classic Baroli, all aged in large Slovenian oak barrels.