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Forteto della Luja 2019 Le Grive Monferrato Rosso DOC

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Le Grive is a blend of Barbera and Pinot Noir. This wine has a unique, fruity taste, combined with a pronounced bouquet with notes of vanilla and spices. A strong wine, velvety with finely woven tannins and good length, which increases in complexity over the years.

The soil consists of limestone marl with clay, sandstone and sands. The slopes are more than 400 meters above sea level on sunny mountain ridges with an ideal climate. The vineyards are surrounded by stone walls and overgrown with gorse and juniper. The field thrush, which feed on the berries of the bushes around the vineyards, gives the wine its name.

The vines are grown traditionally by hand. The healthy, ripe grapes are picked late and, after careful selection, pressed and fermented in small, temperature-controlled barrels. After decanting, the wine is aged in small oak barrels for about ten months. Bottling usually takes place at the end of summer, just before the grapes for the next harvest are processed.

When drunk young, it is a wine that goes well with cooked vegetables, vegetable soups and pasta with tasty sauces. In later years it goes well with roasted meats and cheeses, including aged cheeses.


The farm Forteto della Luja was passed on to the current owner Giovanni Scaglione via the maternal family of his father Giancarlo.

The farm is first mentioned in the land registers in 1826, but the stone wine cellars and some of the farm buildings date from the end of the eighteenth century. Until 1985, grapes were grown in the vineyards for sale to local winemakers, and only a small amount of wine was produced.

At the suggestion of the famous winemaker Giacomo Bologna and in recollection of the customs of great-grandfather Giovanni started the winery in 1985 with the cultivation of Moscato grapes and the production of the Moscato Passito Plasa Rischel, which has won prestigious awards. In 1992 the Loazzolo Vendemmia Tardiva DOC was published in the Officiai Journal. The Loazzolo DOC is currently the smallest controlled designation of origin in Italy.

The name of the winery, Forteto della Luja, is derived from the name of the wooded area through which the Rio Luja flows Surrounds vineyards. The vineyards have been a WWF oasis since 2007 and a didactic center of the Università di Scienze Gastronomiche di Pollenza since 2011.

  • Alkoholgehalt: 14,5% vol
  • Allergene hinweis: enthält Sulfite
  • Alterungspotenzial: 8 Jahre
  • Ausbau: Barrique
  • Gaumen: gut ausgewogen
  • Geschmack: trocken
  • Nase: breite Duftpalette
  • Passt zu: Risotto, Kalbfleisch
  • Rebsorte: Barbera - Pinot Nero Cuvee
  • Trinktemperatur: 16-18°
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