Deltetto Winery - the heart of the Roero wine region

Sie können heute bei Babarolo fantastische Deltetto-Weine kaufen.

One of the great wineries in the Roero area. Carlo Deltetto produces a wide range of authentic local wines and sparkling wines.

Carlo Deltetto took over the management of the winery from his father Tonino a few years ago. As has become a tradition in Piedmont, Carlo is also supported by the entire family. His parents and his two sisters hold important positions in the winery.

Founded in 1953 by Carlo Deltetto, the grandfather of the current owner, the winery is located in the heart of the municipality of Canale. Over the decades that followed, the business grew steadily and today, Deltetto is an established name in the region.

Deltetto has made a name for itself for the production of high quality Roero Arneis white wines and dry sparkling wines called Spumante. The Roero Arneis grape variety is widespread in the Canale area due to the soil conditions. Incidentally, Roero Arneis is one of the few wines whose taste cannot be felt on the tongue but only on the palate. Deltetto now produces around 170,000 bottles of wine and spumante every year.

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