Massolino has helped determine the history of the Barolo from the beginning. Today the winery is one of the most important producers in the Langhe.

The Massolino winery is inextricably linked with the village of Serralunga d'Alba and is one of the most renowned wineries in the Langhe. Beautifully located on the edge of the village square, one overlooks the steep vineyards and the entire Alpine panorama

The winery was founded by Giovanni Massolino in 1896. He was responsible for connecting the village to the electricity grid. His persistence and creativity were the basis for today's traditional and excellent winery.

Today, in the fourth generation, Franco Massolino makes wines with passion and the goal of preserving the unique properties of the cultivated grape varieties and with the conviction that there is a deep and tangible connection between the vines, the hills and gives to the winemaker. The Massolino family has followed this philosophy since 1896 - and does not ignore the necessary innovation as long as tradition is preserved. In short - always loyal to yourself.

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