Gianfranco Alessandria

Gianfranco Alessandria

Gianfranco Alessandria continues the tradition started by two generations with the help of his wife Bruna and daughter Vittoria.

After the death of his father in 1986, Gianfranco began working as a farmer with around 4 hectares of vineyards. In the beginning the harvest was intended for sale in the market, then he began step by step to modernize the winery with the necessary machines and equipment, from winemaking to bottling.

Over the years, production also increased until the winery now produces around 50,000 bottles.

The winery is located in Monforte d'Alba, a small village in the Barolo area that over time has attracted the attention of Langa lovers, making them love the history, the landscape to discover the gastronomy and the wines of our area.

Today the company owns 5.5 hectares and leases 1 hectare between Nebbiolo, Barbera and Dolcetto, in San Giovanni, in the area of ​​the great cru of Monforte, with a southeast orientation that allows us to produce wines of great structure, with freshness and elegance and longevity.

Our way of working is based on natural principles and respects the times and methods necessary to produce a product to obtain which is extremely correct in its form; in fact, only sulfur and verdigris or copper sulphate are used for the treatments, which are also used in organic farming in order to respect the environment as much as possible. From the beginning, Gianfranco started with a drastic reduction in the number of grapes per hectare, which favors better ripening of the grapes, making them healthier and more resistant to the climate, resulting in a higher quality product. The vinification takes place with short maceration in temperature-controlled vertical fermentation vessels and maturation in small French wooden barrels.

So they continue their little path that leads between vineyard, cellar and world, with the satisfaction of ordinary farmers.

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