Claudio Alario - The Dolcetto and Barolo professional by Diano d'Alba

Claudio Alario - Der Dolcetto und Barolo Profi von Diano d'Alba

The professional from Diano D'Alba, who developed his parents' business into a winery with a great reputation for authentic Barolo and Dolcetto wines.

The Langhe provides the spectacular backdrop for the 120-year history of the Alario family business. Claudio Alario and his family live in the municipality of Diano d'Alba. They have dedicated themselves to viticulture with great passion and add further chapters to the long family history.

In 1988, straight out of agricultural school, Claudio took over the business from his father. However, by this time, Claudio had already put many years of practical experience behind him. From a very young age, he spent every free minute working in the vineyard with his father and grandfather. Above all, working with his grandfather in the vineyard had a big impact on him.

Today, Claudio produces around 40,000 bottles of wine annually on 10 hectares. In addition to the Dolcetto wines, Claudio has also made a name for himself as a Barolo producer. Years ago, he bought additional vineyards in the municipalities of Verduno and Serralunga D'Alba. He presses two excellent Barolo single-vineyard wines from the Nebbiolo grapes. With his son Mattia, who has been working in the company for a few years, the next Alario generation is already ready.

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