The history of the Chionetti family has been linked to viticulture since the 19th century.

In 1912, Giuseppe Chionetti bought a company in the vineyards of San Luigi, in the municipality of Dogliani. From then on, the Chionetti family sold their Dolcetto wine to the largest traders in the region.

Little by little, the family began selling bottled wines and the Chionetti name was formally established. But it is thanks to Quinto, the grandson of the founder Giuseppe, that the marketing of the bottles with the name of the family really increased.

Andrea, Quinto's son, decided to research the potential of the vineyards and so they started to produce three Dolcetti Crus: Sorì Briccolero, San Luigi, Vigna la Costa.

In During these years the company expanded considerably. The Chionetti wines became synonymous with Dolcetto wines from Dogliani, and the family began exporting abroad and to the United States. Quinto was well recognized throughout the wine world during his lifetime and this has continued beyond his death.

In 1988, at the moment of greatest growth, Andrea and his daughter Elena died in a car accident. However, Quinto continued the work he had handed over to his son years earlier and led the company into the new millennium with great determination. Quinto already received a recognized high reputation in the entire wine world during his lifetime and this continued after his death.

In 2013, Quinto finally handed over the reins to his grandson Nicola, who decided to continue the tradition of producing Dogliani and to resume the winemaking of the Cru La Costa that his father Andrea wanted.

Since In 2015 the Chionetti family acquired 3 vineyards in the Barolo area. The grapes are vinified separately, and now Chionetti produces three different Barolo Cru wines.

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