Ca' del Baio - A Family Story in Barbaresco

Ca' del Baio Weine bei Babarolo kaufen

The traditional winery from Treiso, which constantly reinvents itself with irrepressible women's power and produces great wines.

Ca' del Baio is a family business, where all family members contribute to the functioning of the complex business with different tasks. Continuous advances since the turn of the millennium have allowed the company to become globally competitive and gain respectable prominence in Barbaresco, a growing area of ​​global prestige.

The deep roots of the Grasso family in viticulture in the Langhe are embodied today by the fourth generation, Giulio and Luciana. Together with their daughters Paola, Valentina and Federica, Giulio and Luciana take care of the estate with the utmost care and a high level of competence in all aspects of the business - from growing the wines to selling them. This results in wines of consistently high quality and striking simplicity, with a noticeable sacrifice and a strong connection to the terroir.

In addition to various awards that have been collected for their wines over the years, Giulio Grasso was named Wine Producer of the Year 2016 by Italy's most renowned wine guide, Gambero Rosso.

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