Albino Rocca - A Barbaresco winemaker family that sticks together

Sie können die Weine von Albino Rocca bei Babarolo kaufen!

The three sisters carry on the work of their unforgettable father, Albino, and have taken the winery to new heights.

The history of this extraordinary winery began in the mid-1940s with Albino Rocca. He founded the winery and began selling his grapes to larger wineries in the area. Only much later did he decide to press his own wine from the grapes and sell it in demijohns.

The legendary Angelo Rocca, grandson of the company founder Albino, then led the winery to new heights and laid the foundation for a successful future. Even after his tragic death, his influence can still be felt today.

You can buy Albino Rocca wines at Babarolo!

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