What makes Guido Porro's Barolo wines so special?

Guido Porro Weine bei Babarolo kaufen

When Guido Porro took over his father's winery in the mid-1990s, he set himself the goal of no longer selling grapes to the cooperative and instead making sustainable and authentic wines from his grapes.

It was a long way to get there, but today Guido Porro is considered one of the top winemakers in the Barolo community of Serralunga D'Alba and beyond. With a lot of hard and focused work, he has raised the winery to an international level, without giving up his Piedmontese virtues and without forgetting his roots. Because the winery is still quite small and a true family business. Together with his wife, his father and now his son, Guido takes the winery to new heights.

Many factors have contributed to the fact that the wines produced by the family have a consistently high quality, vintage after vintage. The most important reasons are the improved and extended management in the vineyards, including the elimination of chemicals and the drastic reduction in yield.

Furthermore, Guido no longer blends the Nebbiolo grapes from his various vineyards to make a Barolo. Instead, he uses the different soil conditions and microclimates of his three locations to bring out the differences between the individual locations in his Barolo wines. In comparison to the Barolo S.Catarina, the Barolo Lazzairasco appears somewhat more powerful and tannic, depending on the vintage, while the S.Catarina is generally perceived as more elegant and delicate.

The Barolo 2016 is considered the vintage of the century and the Gudio Porro Barolo single-vineyard wines of this vintage belong to this category. They are characterized by harmony, complexity and longevity.

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