What makes the Ca'del Baio winery so successful?

Ca' del Baio Weine Kaufen bei Babarolo

Giulio Grasso, who has managed the winery in the 3rd generation for decades, was voted Winemaker of the Year in 2016 by the renowned wine guide Gambero Rosso. When asked what accounts for the success of the winery, Giulio said the following:

"Quality solidity combined with territorial roots and sensitivity to environmental problems describe the credo of our winery in a few words."

Behind this is the hard and focused work that Giulio and his entire family have put into making sustainable and authentic wines over the last few decades.

Another important aspect for success is the positive energy that is omnipresent within the family. An atmosphere of warmth, simplicity and honesty combined with competence and passion at work. The energy that the company releases is almost exclusively feminine. No wonder, since the three daughters, Paola, Federica and Valentina, have played an important role in the winery for years. Impressive and distinctive is the sincere charm and hospitality that the daughters show to everyone who visits the winery.

The Grasso wines have developed steadily and well and show a wonderful freshness and liveliness. They are wines that tell a story and you can also feel a feminine note in the wines. Above all, the Barbersco vineyard wines, Asili, Pora and Vallegrande impress not only with their complexity and harmony but also with their warmth and velvetiness.

In these years, the daughters have taken over the management of the family business and all wine lovers can look forward to further development of the winery.

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