Why is the Cannubi Cru so important

Cannubi Cru, Fratelli Borgogno


Cannubi is the name of the most historic and renowned location in the entire Barolo growing area. How the name Cannubi came about is not known, but local winemakers believe that the name was derived from the word Canne, reeds. Because long before vines were planted on this hill, reeds grew there. However, it is undisputed that the oldest bottle of Barolo wine, which is still owned by the Manzone family, comes from the Cannubi Cru. Interestingly, the label only says: Cannubi 1752.

The Cannubi vineyard is located above the center of the municipality of Barolo and is a long, southern slope. The core area of ​​the Cannubi hill extends over 15 hectares at about 270m above sea level and is exclusively planted with the Nebbiolo grape variety.

The Barolo wines of this cru are characterized by a variety of fruity and balsamic notes in good vintages even at a young age. What stands out is the great elegance and harmony of the wines, which have finely woven tannins that are very accessible and finely woven even at a young age. It is a combination of calcareous marl soils, which are rich in calcium carbonate, and sandy soils, which have a high magnesium content. This soil structure is particularly characteristic of the taste and quality of the Barolo Cannubi wines on the Cannubi vineyard. The sand components are more decisive for the elegant notes, while the limestone soils are more decisive for the structure and tannins of the wines.

The Cannubi vineyard has 18 different owners, including the Fratelli Borgogno family , those with 3 hectares holds the second largest share of all wineries. Babarolo has had a close relationship with the Borgogno family for many years, who have an excellent reputation for classic Barolo wines.

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