Piedmont winemaker portrait: Flavio Saglietti from La Morra

Piemont Winzer Portrait: Flavio Saglietti aus La Morra

The small Saglietti winery does not have a generation-long tradition, but has continued to develop since it was founded and is now one of the insider tips in the Barolo community of La Morra. The winery is now run by Flavio, who joined the company founded by father Giacomo in the late 90's.

The Saglietti winery is idyllically situated in a small hamlet, Bricco del Dente, which belongs to the Barolo municipality of La Morra. Flavio Saglietti farms 11 hectares of land there, which is planted with native grape varieties. Nebbiolo dominates here, but as is usual in the Barolo area, Dolcetto and Barbera wines are also produced.

The flagship of the artisanal winery are the outstanding Barolo single site wines of the crus Brunate and Cerequio. These two crus have a legendary reputation among wine connoisseurs and it is rather unusual for a small winery to To own plots in these renowned locations. The sandy-calcareous-loamy marl soils are one of the most important factors for the high quality of this location. They produce wines of great character and harmony that are tannic but also elegant, with an almost perfect balance between finesse and richness of aromas.

Flavio Saglietti produces his wines in a traditional style in large oak barrels, but also uses barrique barrels for certain vintages. The winery has been running organic viticulture since Flavio took over the management.

The Saglietti winery was featured in the March 2020 issue of the Vinum wine magazine with its Barolo Cerequio. Babarolo is pleased to be the only retailer in Germany to be able to offer you the excellent Barolo single-vineyard wines.

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