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One of the worst aspects of Covid was that we couldn't go to Piedmont as often as we normally would. Piedmont is our second home, where we have friends and memories and where the heart of our company is. The various stages of this pandemic and changing regulations have made planning almost impossible.

The last time either of us was able to drive was in September. It was so nice to be there. I was able to meet up with new producers and old friends. And I was able to walk in the vineyards just before the grape harvest - always a magical experience.

One of the wineries I visited was Forteto della Luja.

Forteto della Luja is actually a winery that is an old friend. We have known Cristina and Gianni for many years since we had our B&B in Acqui Terme.

The drive up to Forteto was very nostalgic. The road to Loazzolo is winding and steep, whichever direction you come from. When turning into the property I had to drive very slowly to avoid damaging my 4x4! The roads are not paved, for reasons that will become clear once you understand how closely this place is linked to nature.

A visit there is always a wonderful, peaceful experience. The place is beautifully situated - on the border between the well-groomed Langhe and the slightly wilder Monferrato - and offers the best of both areas.

They produce a variety of really nice wines. We currently stock their Mon Ross Barbera (an excellent table wine) and Le Grive, a blend of Barbera and Pinot Nero (both have sold heavily at Christmas, and rightly so - they're really great wines). We plan to offer their Moscato as well in the future. The beauty of the location coupled with the fact that they are a World Wildlife Federation haven (they farm their land with horses instead of tractors and produce their own electricity) and their commitment to organic farming make them a very special winery.

Whoever buys their wines also supports a certain way of life that is very sustainable and healthy. If you believe in the power of nature and that we must evolve in a natural way that treats nature as the most important thing, I encourage you to support Forteto della Luja. We are very happy to have them in our product range.

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